I'm Merissa and I like to create. I'm a gal with a camera and pretty much self-taught. My dad had several solid body film cameras back in the day and I remember fiddling around with them. I guess you can say that's where my photography interests began but I really became attached to it after a book I came across at a bookstore in Honolulu. The book featured the photography of a professional fashion/editorial photographer and little did I imagine that one day I would have this same photographer take my very own photos. The photoshoot was fun and my photos were amazing but what drew me in the most was what went on the behind the scenes and all of the photographer activity. This made me excited to learn about photography.

My favorite photo subjects come from the environment around me and yes it's Hawai'i. The lei you see in my portfolio photos are my handiwork. The plants you see are mainly what I've grown in our yard as they're easily accessible, no I do not go trekking up to Mount Wai'ale'ale the wettest spot on earth nor through Kalalau Valley to take photos, unfortunately. However, I'm so grateful for all of it and the opportunity to capture the beauty I see day to day on camera, it is truly a blessing.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here. 


Merira Revestir